Work virtually with a licensed physical therapist for back, joint, and muscle pain! You receive sensors and a tablet pre-loaded with a custom therapy plan, so you can get the benefits of physical therapy from the comfort of home. No doctor referral needed!


Relieve pain from the comfort of your home at no cost to you!

Virtual Physical Therapy is available at no cost for employees and family members enrolled in an IAFF Health & Wellness Trust Plan. 

Physical Therapy

How it works

Wherever it hurts, we can help

Our program can help you relieve acute, chronic, and post-surgical pain in the areas where you need it most.









How does virtual physical therapy work?

Describe your 
care needs

We'll make sure you get care that's right for you.

Get matched

You'll meet your PT via video call - they'll design a custom program for you.

Get your kit

We'll mail your kit with everything you need to get started.

Get better!

Stay connected with your physical therapist as your needs change so you get better faster.

Get Started

You are paired with a physical therapist who creates a program just for you, adjusts it as you progress, checks in with coaching and advice, and chats with you anytime.

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Virtual physical therapy is offered through SWORD Health, an exclusive wellness program included in your Transcarent benefits. 

Virtual physical therapy is a benefit provided at no cost to you. If you are enrolled in a high deducible health plan and have not met your deductible, there may be a cost. Ask a Health Guide if a cost applies to you.