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Need Surgery?

You deserve the best.

With Transcarent, you have access to some of the country's best surgeons and facilities who specialize in your exact condition. High-quality care saves everyone money in the long run, including you. With a dedicated Care Coordinator who supports you every step of the way, you can worry less and focus on getting better. 

What to expect

Focus on healing

There's more to surgery than the surgery itself. Your Care Coordinator makes sure you have what you need before, during, and after your procedure - so you can focus on healing. 

Convenience and ease

With Transcarent, you have someone on your side that makes it easy to manage the details of your surgery all in one place. Call your Care Coordinator for status updates, help managing documents, and guidance. 

Save money

Not only do you get affordable care, but we'll also help find a high-quality care team and get you scheduled. 

Surgical procedures we cover 

* Surgeries listed above are examples. Emergency, pediatric (under 13), cosmetic, dental, diagnostic, vision and transplant procedures are not available through Transcarent. Talk to us to learn more about what surgeries are included in your benefit. Contact a Care Coordinator (855)-446-3368

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Better outcomes

We average 80% fewer complications than the national average by arranging for you to receive your care at a top rated surgical Center of Excellence. 


Transcarent is the singular Center of Excellence for Delta members who need bariatric surgery 


Coronary artery bypass graft, valve repair and replacement


Gall bladder removal, hernia repair 


ACL repair, hip and knee replacement, shoulder repair and replacement 


Spinal fusion, artificial disc replacement

Women's Health

Hysterectomy, breast reduction, pelvic support  

Transcarent Surgery Care Member

"It was a wonderful experience for me. My care coordinator gave me several options. I chose a provider, and she handled everything else." 

Transcarent Surgery Care Member

"Surgery Care helped me solidify my decision to say yes to surgery by removing the last obstacle - they took out the cost factor. It takes out all of the guess work." 

Transcarent Surgery Care Member

"That surgery has improved my life a lot. I'm able to work out for longer periods of time. I'm able to spend more time with my children and be more active with my children. I don't live in doctors' offices like I used to."